Currently Working On

5/10/24 So I have managed to finish Tom and Jerry completely, thankfully I got them done in time. I also started and finished the cowgirl gnome I made to go with the cowboy gnome I made. I just added a few extras per requested lol. I added boobs and gave her braids everything else followed the same pattern as the cowboy gnome I got from Etsy.

4/20/24 Update on Celtic Blanket Unable to finish working on the secret project I got 17 percent done before I ran out of one of the colors I have to have to finish. I was being crazy and somehow forgot to bring my extra supplies including a yarn needle, so I can finish Tom and Jerry that was the main thing I had to do and I forgot the stupid needle. So I will finish Tom and Jerry once I get back to my house since they have to be done quickly.Instead, I started working on the Celtic cable blanket, so far it is turning out nicely I think. I really like how it has all these extra textures on this blanket so far I just finished row 21 with the basketweave pattern.

4/8/24 I have started a secret project I have been working on lately, which has been taking up most of my time. I have started the Statue of Liberty and got the body done. Started on making the crown with the points on it but didn't get to finish that yet. That is all I have been working on lately , but here in a week or so I have that craft even I go to every few months. I plan on finishing Tom and Jerry at that event. All that is left to do is sew on all the face parts for Tom and Jerry and then they will be complete. If I do not run out of yarn from my secret project by then, then I will bring it to work on as well. If not then I will bring that other purple blanket I started working on from Celtic Cable Throw.

3/28/24 valentines day gnomes All the parts on Tom and Jerry are done except the last 12 rows for a ear... so I am waiting to get a new ball of yarn to get the last 12 rows done for Tom. After that all that will need to be done is sew all the face parts on. I have managed to work on the Valentine's Day gnomes I got the "L","O","V" and I ran out of the gray color to do the "E". So I am waiting on that but I also managed to make a Queen ELizabeth gnome as well. I am about to start on a Statue of Liberty gnome since I do not have enough yarn to finish other projects so a new gnome it is lol. I found the pattern for this gnome on Lucy Magic Pattern I am excited to work on a holiday gnome I am hoping it will turn out good so we will see lol.

3/20/24 Updated Cat pic of Tom n Jerry Well I have finally been able to get to work on Tom the cat from Tom and Jerry the cartoon. The only thing left that needs to happen now is finish the head and that will be it until I get all the extra face parts and arms made. Once all that is done all that would be left is to put it altogether and then it will be done...... I have about 40 rows left until I will be completely done with the head. I am thinking I will try and get the head and all the parts done before I have another craft event at the church and then use that time to sew on all the extra bits and pieces for both Tom and Jerry lol. I did get the body started of the Queen Elizabeth gnome that I also have to make sure is finished before the end of May.

3/5/24 Mouse parts needing to be sewn I got all the parts finished for the mouse. Jerry just has to be sewn all together and then he will be finished. Now it is time to finish working on the cat, Tom. After I manage to get Tom and Jerry done then I have one more project I have to get started and finished before the end of May. Then I can go back and work on the February gnomes that I had started working on before this lol. I did start working on that Celtic Cable Throw and got to row 8 where I start the Basketweave pattern but I have to get Tom and Jerry and the Queen Elizabeth gnome done before I can go any further on that blanket.

2/27/24 finished L gnome I managed to get both pilgrim thanksgiving gnomes finished. I started on 3 new projects to keep going after this lol. I am working on the "O" gnome to work on the "LOVE" gnomes for Valentines day. I got this pattern from Etsy as well. Etsy is my number one place to look for patterns at the moment unless I can find them for free lol. I have gotten a little bit of work done on the baby grinch I had started, but have not got much work done on it at the moment. Then lastly I also started on a new blanket called Celtic Cable Throw by Bonnie Bay Crochet I am mostly working on the other gnomes though since I like making them lol.

2/19/24 Update on the thanksgiving gnome Have gotten a lot of work done on this boy pilgrim gnome. I think all I have left to do is to make the gun and the feet then this will be done. This one is just about as big as the girl lol which is great , but they both turned out really tall for a gnome. Once I finish the Pilgrims I think I am going to make the Grinch and Max from Sweet Oddity Art from Carolyne Brodie on Ravelry. After that I am going to do the Bowser I found. It looks really cool but has so many little parts to make if it turns out even just half decent it will be great lol.

2/14/24 Cup and thanksgiving gnome I finished the red solo cup in honor of Toby Keith. He was one of my favorite country singers, one that I grew up listening too. I am using the red solo cup I made as a remote holder for all my remotes that were laying around lol. While I was making it I did have the thought to thankfully add a small piece of cardboard to the very bottom before I attached the white part to the red so it made it a lot sturdier, so it holds 2 remotes lol. The pattern I found for the red solo cup came from Cynthia LeBrun I found it on insta a couple days ago. I also have started on making the boy pilgrim. The pattern for it is from the same place as the girl pilgrim. The Thanksgiving gnomes are from Gnome Planet on Etsy.

2/12/24 I got the boy OU fan gnome done and starting to work on a boy Pilgrim gnome to go with the girl pilgrim gnome I finished last night. I am trying to get stuff done and worked on but having a lot of bad health issues but I am trying to deal with it. I am working on the boy pilgrim right now and once I get the boy done I have one more Thanksgiving gnome to do. These three thanksgiving ones I am doing at the moment are from Gnome Planet from Etsy. The patterns are super easy to follow, but the first one I completed is so much bigger than the pattern calls for lol but it will ve ok.

2/5/24 I managed to get alot done this weekend at the craft event I had went to. I finished the Lily of the Valley project and an OU football fan gnome done, as well as the January Winter gnome completed. I started and finished the January Winter Gnome from Passionate Crafter and also sold it as well so that was a bonus. I am working on the OU boy football fan since I finished the girl OU football fan gnome.

1/29/24 finished body of jerry Finished the body of Jerry. I am starting to work on his face. I have the eyes made and working on the pupils. Then I start on the mouth and everything so he is getting closer and closer to being completely done. I did measure him lol and the pattern says it will be 11" tall and the one I made is about 18" tall. Now I just have to work on finishing up Tom who I have about halfway through his stomach done lol. Tom is getting so tall that it hurts my arm to work on him for very long so we will see how long it takes to get him done. I have a craft event this weekend so we will see how much projects I will be able to get done while there. I am bringing several projects with me so we will see what happens.

1/25/24 update on tom and Jerry Got all the wisemen done and now mainly just working on Tom and Jerry. I almost have all of the main body done for Tom. I just have to finish the head and then work on the arms and tail and the ears. After I finish him its back to work on Jerry. It is hard for me to work on either one of them since they have gotten so tall that it hurts my arm and shoulders so I have to take breaks whick makes it take alot longer to get them done . They are getting done though and I already have a plan to get them gone lol. My aunt wants them both so now I just have to get them done in time. After I get done with them I am going to start working on this Lily of the Valley. It will be fun and different to work on so it will be fun.

1/18/24 Start of the last wise man I finished the second wise man. Two out of three so I have one left to do. I started the last one today as well, haven't gotten very far on it but it is started. Once I get this last one done I am going to back to work on Jerry I already have some one interested in the Tom and Jerry I am making so that will be good. I do not think I will be doing these wisemen and nativity set again. I like making gnomes but this set of instructions was crazy I had to redo certain things to make it look decent. When I do any more gnomes I will be going back to one of my favorite places to get gnome patterns Passionate Crafter. The patterns from Passionate Crafter are always good, easy to follow and oh so cute looking. However, I have found a different nativity set with wisemen and everything that I might do later on by a different person.

1/16/24 Legs of Jerry I have made alot of progress on Jerry. I have finished both legs and have started on the body. The placement on where to start the rows was a little confusing at first but I think I had it figured it out. It at least looks decent at the moment lol, once I finish the body I am not sure how much more yarn I have I do not think I will have enough to finish it. I have similiar shades of blue that I think I accidently grabbed instead of grabbing two of the same color which stinks but that is what I get for being color blind lol they looked the same, until I looked at the label and noticed they were different but too late since I already bought it. I might need at least one more skein possibly two since the pattern says its only supposed to be 16.4 inhes tall. The legs and the small body that I have finished is already 9 1/2 inches tall lol, so this is most likely going to be much bigger than the 16 the pattern says.

1/14/24 I made a bit of progress on Jerry last night. I got the belly patch made and the right foot made. I am starting on the left foot now, for some reason I am excited to work on this ami. Although it does look like it might turn out bigger than the pattern states but that is perfectly ok with me lol. I am using yarn from Hobby Lobby to make him. The yarn I am using is called I love this Yarn in the colors White and Medium Blue so far. The pattern so far has been really easy to follow which is good for me. Once I get Jerry done I just have to make his partner in crime, Tom and I am hoping that will go just as smoothly. I already have the yarn for him as well so he is ready to go once I get the cat done.

1/13/24 Start of Jerry Finished the 1st wise man and the cloud pillow last night. So now I am starting to work on Jerry from Tom and Jerry. The pattern I am using is from bettibettiami from Etsy. I just started the belly patch for his stomach so we will see how it goes. I still have the other 2 wise men to make but I am taking a break from them at the moment and working on this project for awhile. I am excited to do some old school cartoons, I am excited about making them. I have found several old school cartoon patterns on Etsy that I really want to eventually make since they are cartoons that I have grown up watching.

1/11/24 Well I almost have the 1st wiseman done, however I stopped and started working on this cloud pillow for my niece. I am using Bernat Baby Sport in the color Baby Baby Ombre and Bernat Baby Sport in Baby Blue color. I am holding one strand of each while working on the pillow to give it a nice look.

12/13/23 I have started the first wise man and it is almost done. Once done only 2 more to go before I am done with this nativity scene. My next project I am making for my niece, she requested I make a pillow for her and she saw this cloud pillow, so that will be my next project and then my 3 yr old nephew asked me to make him a baby Yoda so that will be next lol. After that I have some fun projects lined up and ready to go.

12/8/23 Well I have finished the nativity set I was working on that included Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It turned out good but there was so many inconsistencies in these patterns I do not think I will ever by from this person again on Etsy. I have another pattern I got from the same shop at the same time that has the 3 wisemen to go along with it, but I am not looking forward to doing it. This nativity set pattern had a lot of errors in it and I am hoping beyond hope that it was just that one pattern bundle that had issues so we will see. I had to fix erros on everything from Joseph's beard and nose which I ended up using a whole different pattern than the beard and nose that came with it because it just came out massive if I had follwed the pattern like I was supposed to. I also had to figure out another pattern for baby Jesus and then made up a pattern for a banket to cover him with. I am just so disheartened and this pattern bundle was expensive for me and I thankfully got it on sale which I am so thankful for since it had this many errors in it. I will add it to my finished projects in a little bit when I get more time. I am going to start work on the 3 wisemen and hoping they go alot smoother than the first part of this was since they are also from the same shop. I already found a different version of a nativity scene that I will plan on making at a later time for next year since I am just not happy with these since they caused so much frustration from me.

11/28/23 working on the mosaic Christmas blanket I am working on the mosaic Christmas blanket now. It has become my main project as of now. I do have a few side projects I am working on for customers that I am working on getting done as well, but they should be pretty quick to get and finish working on. One of the side projects is just making flowers for some hats so those will be done fairly quickly. I also managed to get the dino I was working on and managed to get it all sewed up so now it is completely finished as well. I am getting alot of the side projects done. I even made 2 out of the 8 flowers that I needed to get done. My goal is to try and have the rest of the flowers done before the weekend.

11/16/23 back panel of hoodie I have been making good progress on the back panel of the hoodie that i started. I have 34 rows completed out of the 56 rows I need to have , so I am getting it done. This hdc does work up quick, but I think when I make this again I will go down a size hook . I started making the xl size so it would not be too tight, but it looks like it will be really baggy lol so we will see. I have already started on my second ball of yarn so I will not have enough and will have to get more. I might have just enough to finish the front and back panel but not enough for the sleeves . For my next one if I like the final way it comes out lol, I have this soft velvet light blue-ish color I am going to use for it.

11/15/23 Finished the Santa gnome I was working on and have started another project. I am starting to make a sweater I found and I am hoping I have enough yarn for it. I am working on this crochet classic hoodie by Yarn Cakes on Youtube. I am using Lion Brand Heartland in the color Badlands to make it. This yarn seems soft enough to be up against my skin without irritating it so we will see how it goes. This weekend I am hoping to get the border done on the Friends blanket also all the ends weaved in so I can get that posted as well. The pattern seems easy enough since it is worked up in several pieces with an hdc and fbhdc stitch , so I am hoping if I have enough yarn it will work up quick.

11/11/23 Santa gnome Hat I have a lot of crap going on at the moment, however I have managed to get work done on the Santa Gnome. I think the yarn I am using for this Christmas project really making it stand out. I am using Red Heart Super Saver Metallic in the colors Red and White. This yarn gives it a nice sparkle effect to it and makes it shine in my opinion. I am starting to work on the body for the gnome I am hoping to get it done within this next week. This pattern is a little different since it seems I am starting the body off of the hat compared to doing them seperate pieces and then sewing them together which I like doing them all in one piece so this will work out I think lol.

11/9/23 Start of the Christmas gnome Well I have started another project yet again without finishing anything else lol. I am starting to run low on yarn for the the mosaic silver bell afghan, and I have a craft event so I am trying to keep that project for that so I can have that to work on it there. I have started another Christmas project. It is called the Santa Gnome from Passionate Crafter. I have done some of their gnomes before so this will be a good project to do. All of their patterns are nice and easy to follow which is good. Hopefully I will be able to get my focus back and work on some of all these w.i.p's since I have so many starting to pile up.

11/7/23 15 percent done I have been working alot on this blanket . It is a fun way to work on them doing the mosaic pattern. It has taken alot more time to get it done but there is a lot more counting to be done so it takes me alot longer since i count and then double count just to make sure lol. I have started on my second ball of red and white. I have found alot more mosaic crochet patterns that I am interested in doing after this one. So far I am only 15% so I am slowly making progress. I am glad that the pattern is finally starting to come through on this one though. The friends blanket all I have to do is add the border and then I will add it to thew finished projects page.

11/3/23 Beginnig of the Silver Bells Afghan Well I said to hell with the leaf blanket I was trying to do just for the fact it was making me crazy lol. Everything was lining up right after several rows, the stitch count was on point but it was just giving me a headache switching from one set of instructions for the end panels and then switching to another set of instructions for the middle part so I could make it all in one piece... it would have been fine if I did the end panels seperate and then the middle but I like doing everything in one piece when I can. So instead I am working on a Christmas blanket lol. Since to hell with fall and moving on towards Christmas since Christmas is better anyway lol. The Christmas blanket pattern I fuond and have started on is from Etsy, and its a mosaic pattern which will turn out really good I think. It is called Silver Bells Afghan by Crochet Couch. I doubt I will have it finished in time for Christmas this year since it is already a month and 21 days away which is crazy.

11/1/23 Finished the Friends granny square blanket and it looks good. All i have left to do is to add the border and to weave in all the ends which is my least favorite part to do lol. I should weave in the ends as I go so I am not overwhelmed by them all at the end but oh well its what it is lol. I am now going to attempt to make a leaf blanket, but not sure how it will turn out, since I am using two diferent patterns and combining them into one blanket patter so I don't know about it , but it will be different lol. I am going to use the remaining red heart super saver in the orange color and since I dont have any green for the leafs I think I am going to do the edges in white so it will have some color but not sure it is still an idea at this point, trying to see if the patterns will work.

10/30/23 First row done The Friends granny square blanket is coming along. It took me a little bit to figure out the join as you go method, but now its going more smoothly as of now lol. I think I did different granny squares . I meant to use 3 colors of the dots the blue, red, and yellow but somehow I also made orange granny squares.... Iam thinking I will use the orange granny squares for something else and only use the blue, red, yellow granny squares . I should have used purple for the borders so I could incorporate that color as well but ended up just using white. I think it would have looked better using black instead of white as well but oh well lol.

10/19/23 First square for the Firends blanket I got all the yarn I need to make a Friends blanket, I am so excited. I just made the first granny square for it. Now I just need 13 more squares for this color lol. The pattern that I am following is from LoveCrafts. It is a free pattern which makes it better lol. It is a normal granny square and then has scalloped edges. I am going to do all the edging last and just make all the squares first I need about 14 squares of each of the colors first before I get to that point. I am just using Caron One Pound in the color Scarlet for the red, also in Sky Blue for the blue color. Then Red Heart Super Saver in the color pumpkin for the orange color. Big Twist in the color Varsity Yellow for the yellow color. For the borders I am using Caron One Pound in the color white for the borders.

10/3/23 cabled scarf Well I was going to work on the Blessed pillow, but then I decided to start something new lol. I have now started on a new scarf since winter is coming lol. The pattern I am making is from Jasmine Tea on Youtube. So far , it is going good I just started so hopefully I will be able to see the pattern emerge soon. All the parts for the dinosaur are done I just have to sew them all together and then it will be completely finished. It's going to be at least 16" tall lol it will be fun I think I might let my nephew take it. I still have blocks to finish on the swear-ish blanket it will eventually get done.

9/27/23 Dinosaur head A lot of things have been going so I have not been updating as I should. I am finally starting to work on the dinosaur head to get this done. It is looking pretty good the body is about 15.5" tall so we will see how tall the finished product is once I get the head attached. I am not sure if I have enough of the light color I am using for the head so it might be using black to finish it if I don't have enough so we will see. I am not sure what I am going to be making next. I have been going through some of the old projects which I might try and work on after I get this dino finished. I might work on the blessed pillow next not sure if I have enough to finish that either but we will see. I am supposed to be getting some new yarn in a few days so hopefully I will be able to get some new ideas for some new projects.

9/4/23 Dinosaur body Started working on a dinosaur to use up some of my Bernat Blanket yarn that I did not know what to do with since I did not have much left. I got the pattern from Yarnspirations for this one. I am using the leftover Bernat Blanket yarn in the colors Almond for most of the body and I used a brown for the arms, legs and tail thankfully I had just enough for those before I ran out of that color. FOr the spikes I am using some black that I have I am hoping it turns out good with the different colors lol. The body is already at 15.5" high lol and the pattern itself says a total of 12" lol so it is already pretty big and I have yet to make the head lol I am hoping I have enough of the almond color to finish the head since I am running low on that color already, if I run out I have a red or orange that I will make do with to finish it. The pattern calls for red heart super saver yarn but to me that is my most hated yarn for working with so I am using the Bernat Blanket yarn.

8/21/23 Legs of the Octo Frenzy Things are getting a little crazy , but I have managed to get a few things crocheted thiss weekend. I am still working on these legs I have 6 out of the 8 octo legs done. They work up pretty quick to do so I am hoping to have this octo done by the end of the week but we will see. I am loving this pattern though so if I have enough yarn afterwards I might do it in reverse. Make one with green body and legs with the yellow on the end of the legs but it depends on how much I have at the end of the current one I am making.

8/17/23 Start of Octo Frenzy Finished the bucket hat ended up being a kids size since I used a 3.25 mm hook instead of the 4mm hook, but its ok. It was small enough to fit my niece so I let her keep it. I started working on the Octopus Frenzy. It is going good I just started to do the decreases on the main part, very easy pattern to follow which is good. I am using some left over yarn from the Army blanket that I made in the yellow for the main part of it since I am using whatever yarn I have left in my stash at the moment before buying new yarn lol.

8/12/23 Progress of Bucket hat Almost have the bucket hat done, there is only a few rows left to do. Once this hat is done since I am almost out of the green color. I think I might try a cuter octopus pattern that I found. It is from Left Handed Crocheter and is called Octopus Frenzy. I think This might be one of the cuter patterns to me regarding the octos. The ones with really short legs look funny to me, and then the ones with the long legs I made look better . So we will see if this pattern is better lol. The pattern for it look simple enough to do, so I am hoping it just turns out as cute lol.

8/8/23 I finished the brown octo I was working on yesterday , so I had started to work on a bucket hat. The one I am trying out is just a basic hat called Basic Sun Hat. So far the pattern is easy to follow although I have not gotten very far on it. For this bucket hat I am using cotton yarn that I have not used before. It is called I love this Yarn by Hobby Lobby in the color Bright Green. I have alot of patterns that I am trying to get finished, so many w.i.p's that I need to get to work on but I keep starting new projects instead lol.

8/7/23 Beginning of the octo in brown I am finally back at my apartment hopefully I can be here for awhile now lol. I am trying to get everything organized again. I have started to make an octo out of Bernat blanket yarn. People like it because it is supposed to be nice and cuddly but its super expensive and does not feel all that soft to me but that is just me. I would rather use Caron Simply Soft or some other yarn but I am trying it and see. I used to use this Bernat Blanket yarn for alot of baby blankets. This pattern I am going off of for this octo is from K Hook Creations. It is a very quick and easy pattern to follow whick makes it good for me lol.

8/3/23 Well had a lot of crap going on the last few days along with pain flare days but I am trying. I have managed to get some gnomes completed like the Bumblebee Gnome. The gnomes that Passionate Crafter has on their site are really easy to follow. The gnomes turn out so cute and the patterns are easy to follow which is good for me to follow. Now just waiting til I can get more yarn to make more gnomes. I also am trying to work on the swear-ish blanket when I have a chance. For that I am just using the left over Caron Simply Soft yarn that I have in mostly yellowish colors since that is all of the same yarn I have left lol.

7/26/23 The start of the Gnome making Well I have been getting alot of things organized and figured out. I have started making these cute little gnomes from Passionate Crafter. I ended up joining their CAL (crochet a long) for the gnomes. They have a ton of cute and fun ones to make. I am currently making the daisy one and the ice cream gnome so we will see how they turn out. I love how they are small and not very time consuming projects. I am only using 3 colors since it is all the colors I have at the moment until I am able to get new yarn but I am just testing the pattern out to see if I can make it and follow the instructions. So far the patterns are very clear and easy to understand and follow. However the ice cream gnome is turing out to be bigger than the daisy one by quite alot so not sure how that is going to work out lol but we will see. The picture is the gnomes bodies up against Zelda the chihuahua for size lol.

7/20/23 I have also started the next block in the swearish blanket this one is called "Criminey" . I brought the mosaic baby blanket to work on but apparently I am out of the right color yellow since the ones I have do not match the current one I was using so haven't worked on that at all. I have started to get things organized and planned out to maybe do a craft fair. However currently I do not have enough inventory of stuff made to do the one in 2 weeks. I am currently working on alot of stuff for that at the moment. I think the main things I am going to work on are the swear - ish blanket still, since those are small blocks I can take with me on the go. Also a small ami project that I am going to work on for the fair if I can get stuff made in time for that. I have a few things planned out for that just trying to save up for the materials and everything so we will see if that works out or not.

7/13/23 Finished the ribbing for the bottom The 5 rows of ribbing are done, yay lol. It is taking me alot longer to knit just because I am having to keep taking breaks every 30-45 mins to make sure my hands do not hurt more than is needed. Now it is just the same ol' knit stitch for 11 ish inches. I might need to make it longer than that since I am kinda tall but we will see. I am definitely liking this Comfy Cotton Blend alot better than the other cotton I have tried. It is so much better and softer so I am hoping it still fills soft when I go to put it on to wear it lol. I have made more progress on that bear lovey as well and it is coming along as I have 3 more rows to go on the bottom part and then once it is done then I just have to make the bear parts and then that will be another project done.

7/8/23 Well seeing as it is really hot this summer, I have put the balaclava on hold and started knitting a tank top. I need more summer clothes anyway so this will be good. I found a nice and simple tank top that I am going to be making. It is from Handmade by Aura. I am going to be trying this cotton yarn from Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend. I havent used this cotton yarn before but it seems a lot softer than the Lily Sugar N Cream cotton yarn that I have used in the past. Since I have found knitting needles that don't hurt my hands that bad. I can knit for at least 30 mins at a time before I still need to take a break. I am going to start making knitting tutorials videos along with the crochet tutorials.

7/3/23 Beginning of balaclava The ergonomic knitting needles I ordered came in today so I decided to try them out to make the balaclava. The pattern I chose to do is called Cabled Balaclava. I chose it since it has cables and I love doing cables with knitting. The needles I decided to try were the Knitter's Pride Nova Cubics from Amazon. They had really great reviews. I was able to get about 3 rows done before 2 of my fingers started to just hurt , but each row has 108 stitches. I was able to get to 6 rows finished before I needed to stop and take a break. I am hoping I can find some good compression gloves that will work to help minimize the pain so that I can continue to knit, if not I will have to go back to just crocheting.

7/2/23 Halfway through Crapola Well I am now halfway done through the "Crapola" block for this blanket. The graph is super simple to follow which is great, she really does a nice job providing written instructions along with the graph. After I get done with "Crapola" block I start the "Crimeny" block. However I did look into ergonomic knitting needles and ordered just 1 circular needle just to try. Depending on how those are with my hands I might stop crocheting for the time being and go back to knitting lol. I have already found my first knitting project too. It is a small project but not sure how my hands will hold up with a big knitting project since I have had to quit knitting a couple years ago. It is a balaclava with cables. Cables are fun and easy to do in knitting.

6/26/23 Bleep square Lot of things have happpened in the last few days, which is why I am just now updating. I finished the first block for this swear-ish blanket. It was the "Bleep" block and now I am on the second block which is "Crapola". I went back to using the graph since the written pattern somehow managed to do it in reverse and not the right way. When I did it the second time using the graph it turned out the right way and looks good. In the picture the top one is the one that was done in reverse and the bottom is the correct way that I did in the graph.

6/19/23 The beginning of Bleep square I finished all the parts for the Tardis but before I sew them all together I am just waiting til I can get some small pieces of cardboard to work for the top and bottom so it will be more sturdy. I started a new blanket while I am waiting on that. It is not my usual c2c blanket lol. I fouond this pattern on Etsy by The Crass Crafter. It is called Swear-ish blanket. is just single crochet with bobbles. SO far it is easy to go she does have written instructions and a graph to go by. Normally I like to follow just the graph but this time around I am following the written pattern so we will see how that works for me.

6/17/23 Most of the Tardis is done I have gotten more of the Tardis done. The sides are all done along with the base of it. I am now trying to work on the roof part of it. After that all that is left is to make the trim around the white part so it will look like windows and then just have to sew the parts together. I am thinking about adding small thin cardboard to the sides just to make sure it will stay standing up instead of just in the roof like the pattern says, but not sure will have to see how it goes.

6/12/23 start of new projects So I have started a few new projects lol. I have started making a Tardis for my uncle to brighten his day since he had a rough couple days this past week. Also started making a bear lovey. They are both turning out really good. The Tardis pattern I found is from Ninja Cat Crafts. So far it has been an easy pattern to follow. For the bear lovey I found a cute pattern on Ravelry from Tatie. It was a little hard for me to get it started, but once you get the pattern it becomse easy and goes quick. I am going to try and get the Tardis finished as soon as I can so I can get it sent off.

6/2/23 Start of slippers So last night I started the dice bag and ended up finishing it an hour and a half. So now I am looking at working on a pair of slippers. The pattern I am going to try and do is from Unique Stitch Designs. I just started this so we will see how it goes. I haven't tried to make slippers or socks before so we will see how it goes lol. I am using Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in the color Teddy Brown. I only have one ball of this so I am hoping it will be enough. If they turn out good they will be really soft since this yarn feels nice and soft. I am hoping these will turn out nice if not I will try a different pattern to try and make socks since it is a new thing for me to do.

6/1/23 I have finished the second set of 6 Easter eggs and a basket to go with it. Now at the time I am out of small projects to do. I still have the Mosaic baby blanket I am working on trying to get that finished. I am looking to try and find some smaller projects that I can take on the go with me. I might see if I still have yarn to work on the Blessed Pillow that I had started many months ago and try and get that to finished. My other w.i.p's I have are waiting til I can buy the right color yarn since I ran out and haven't been able to get more yarn yet, so I am trying to use just what I have left in my stash.

5/28/23 Update on the Mosaic baby blanket I am still working on this Mosaic baby blanket, it has gotten far. It is an easy pattern repeat however lol I was not paying attention and had to frog several rows because I was not paying attention to the pattern and did a wrong row lol, other than that I am liking the pattern. it seems I am doing this a little slower than making a C2C blanket but it is still fun. I am already looking at doing another pattern from her called Glistening Glaciers also Woodland Deer Blanket. She has so many cute and fun patterns ranging from blankets to socks and so many more.

5/25/23 outside crocheting I was able to enjoy crocheting outside today since the weather was nice for a little bit, before I had to rush inside with the laptop when it started to rain lol. I am working on a new baby blanket called Caribbean Coast Afghan from MJ's Off the Hook Designs. This is the 3rd pattern I have done from her and they are super easy patterns. This time I am using black and using different shades of yellow from Caron Simply Soft since that is what I have on hand. The other patterns I did : the Mosaic hat and gloves were free patterns, but I actually paid for this one on Etsy. She also has video tutorials on Youtube that help as well.

5/24/23 I am done with Hugsy until I can get some white felt for the front of him. I did manage to get Winnie the Pooh done and finished so that is a plus. I also finished a Mosaic hat and gloves set that I just started. I am really beginning to like Mosaic Crochet, it is super fun to do but the the charts are a little more involved. You just have to make sure your count is on point and you are good to go lol.

5/21/23 Almost finished Pooh bear Well I have managed to work on the Winnie the Pooh I started awhile back. It is almost finished all that is left is to finish the sleeve, then weave in all the ends from the shirt and it will be finished. Thankfully I already found a box that will fit it to be able to ship it so thats a plus. I do also have a bunch of amigurumi projects lined up as well, so I can get better doing ami's. SO now I am back to working on Hugsy. Although I think one of my next projects is going to try Mosaic crocheting.

5/16/23 Start of Hugsy So I finally did a Friends project lol. I started making Hugsy.The pattern is a free pattern off of Ravelry from Fandom Fibres. It is an amigurumi and it is Hugsy Joey's bedtime penguin pal. I think it first appears in season 5 but not sure. I am excited about doing it. I have several projects that are Friends related once I can get the right colors for them. My favorite tv show is Friends so I have alot of Friends things to build up and make so it will be fun. This project is going by quick, the pattern is super easy to follow as well.

5/12/23 Eggs for Debbie While I was watching the CMA's last night I was able to knock out 5 of these little Easter eggs. I have one more to do before I start making the Easter basket and the accessories. She does not want any ears for them just bows or flowers so it is a little different than the first set at that point. The basket is going to be a nice blue color which I think looks nice since I love blue lol. The accessories I think I am just going to do in Spring time colors if I have any colors like that I think I do but not sure.

5/11/23 I am now making a second set of these Easter eggs and basket lol. My aunt saw them and loved them and asked me to make a set for her. This time around the basket will be a nice blue color with a set of 6 eggs and only 2 will be purple lol. After I finish this set it will be no more Easter eggs for awhile lol. It is an easy pattern however I am getting bored with them with doing them back to back to the point I do not want to work on them at all. So after I finish these eggs I am going to go back to work on the shirt for Winnie the Pooh that I made so I can get that finished and sent off.

5/4/23 I forgot to credit who the pattern goes to for these eggs and baskests. So the egg pattern I am following is off Etsy. The pattern is Bunny Easter Eggs by Mufficorn. They have some really fun patterns on there, I have already saved a few of them for later lol. The basket that I am working on to put the eggs in is from Crochet 365 Knit too. It is a very easy pattern to follow although I did add a few extra round at the base to make it a little bigger to accomodate the size of these eggs.

5/3/23 Bunny ears Beginning of basket Well I finished the green bag and I did not like how it turned out. It was super small, if I make it again I will make the panels a bit bigger. I finished all the bunny ears for the eggs I just have to attach them now. I did not feel like making the bows for them yet so instead I started making a Easter basket to put all the eggs in lol. Even though the request was just for the eggs I figured why not have something to put them in lol.

5/2/23 Easter eggs I had a fun time making these for my mom. They are little Easter eggs that will have ears and bows on them once I get them finished. They are all done in different shades of purple. It was amazing to find all the different shades of purple there actually are. Making the ears was super fun and very quick to make since I had to make 12 of them for 2 for each egg. I have not started making the bows for them as of yet. Once the ears and bows are complete and added to the eggs they will be complete and ready to give away and ready to hae a life on their own.

4/22/23 4 panels done All 4 panels are done YAY lol. All that is left is to attach the panels together and then sew the sides up and it will be finished. Glad this little bag was a very quick and easy project to do. The panels only took a couple days to finish it took a little longer than it should have just because I did the Jacobs ladder stitch so I have had to loop the loops together lol but it looks good to me than just regualar dc.

4/21/23 2 panels done I have 2 panels done for the rectangle bag. I need 4 so I am halfway there lol. It looks like it might come out a little small but not sure until I put all the panels together. I really do like the colors I am using for it I used Red Heart Super Saver in the colors Real Teal and Mint. I am using the Jacob Ladder stitch for all 4 panels which I think I am liking it for texture.

4/20/23 Start of a bag So the Fantasy hooded shawl is completely finished. It was a little too big for my niece who I made it for but the adult small size fit me lol. I am hoping she will eventually grow into it I forgot to get a completed picture with it. But we were getting aggravated with it just to try and figure out how to wear it in the first place lol. So started a new project and I am following another Youtube video with it. It is for a rectangle bag. The process looked super easy to do so we will see. I am making all 4 panels with the Jacob ladders stitch to give it a little more of a textured look, so I am hoping it will turn out good.

4/15/23 Fantasy shawl almost done So far at this event with it being 3 am here I have gotten a bunch done. I have finished the cat pillow , now I just have to wait til I get the pillow form to insert before I sew the last side together. I have also managed to get the hood of this Fantasy Hooded Shawl done for my niece. Now the only thing I have left to do with that is sew the hood and the scarf together and then it will be complete. However I am not sure if I have enough yarn since I was worried I might not have enough to finish. I might have another small skein of this back at my house but I think it can wait til this event is over lol.

4/14/23 Cat front panel So I got the front panel completely done. It is all sewed up with the cats and granny squares and all put together, it came to be 24x24 inches. I am still working on the back panel which is almost done. It is just double crochet the whole way so it is working up quick enough thankfully. I am headed to a craft event so I am hoping to get this completed during this event which is just a 2 day thing. I am also bringing several of my other side projects since I do not think this project will kep me busy the whole time. I am hoping to get several side projects done this time around after I get this cat pillow done.

4/10/23 Cat squares are done Today I was able to finish sewing all the cats to the granny squares. It took a little bit longer than normal since I had to weave in a lot of ends , which I hate doing lol. I think the squares came out really good and the cats on them just look super cute, I am hoping my friend will like what it is coming out to be. All i have left is to sew all the granny squares together and then crochet the backing for it and it will be all done. I am hoping I will have it finished by Sunday but we will see.

4/6/23 Cats for the cat pillow All the cats are done for this pillow. I did all the 16 cats a little different, all in different colors and even added spots to one cat lol. I am now working on all the granny squares that the cats get sewed on. I am liking all these colors that she had picked to use. They are so pretty colors they are a little thinner yarn then I am used to working with but that is ok these colors are so vibrant. I was able to make 2 of the cats look like their actual cats so that was pretty cool.

4/2/23 Some cats for the cat pillow Today I started the cat pillow for my friend. The cats are turning out pretty cute and very quick to work up. I am using all these cute colors from this pack from Caron Little Crafties. They are a little thinner than normal caron yarn it seems but still good enough to work. The pattern I am using for this cat pillow is called Many Cats square from Pony McTate.

3/25/23 Finished scarf part of shawl I was actually was able to finish the scarf part of the shawl today which is good. I am hoping I have enough to finish the hood part. The instructions are super easy to follow which was good. The scarf was just a very boring repetitive stitch over 500 stitches in one row lol.When you make this pattern whcn you are able to have something else to do to keep you occupied while you are doing this stitch. The hood looks like it is made with the same stitch over and over again so we will see if I can easily knock it out quickly.

3/23/23 So the army blanket is now complete YAY. The first w.i.p I chose to work on is another one for my niece. I am going to try and finish this hooded fantasy shawl. I am about halfway done with the shawl part since it is done separately then the hood. I am thinking it is going to be way too big for my niece but we will see how it turns out. She is really excited about it so hopefully it wont be too big and she will still be able to wear it.

3/22/23 90 percent done of the Army blanket Finally got 90% done. It is going so much quicker now that I have been decreasing on both sides. I should be able to finish it today or at least by the end of the week. Once the crochet part is done I just have to add the backing and then this blanket will be done and ready to send off. Once I get this finished not sure which project to start lol I have so many w.i.p's that need to be finished before I start a new project but I have a list of new projects that I want to start so who knows what I am going to do.

3/15/23 76 percent done of the Army blanket This blanket is now 76% done. I just ran out of the Dark Olive green color and the yarn goes on sale next week, so it is now on hold until I get more yarn. I think it came out really good so far. I am glad this blanket is getting close to the end it has been a good project to start and I know my uncle will be glad to have it.

3/12/23 65 percent done of the Army blankt I have been working on this blanket non stop for the past several days and have now gotten it up to 65% done. It is looking very good but I am realizing I might just have to buy more of the dark Olive color of yarn since I have 1.5 skein left of that color and it is getting used up pretty quick. If I keep going at this right I should have plenty of time to get it done and the backing on it done in time. My next project is a lot smaller thankfully lol. I have 2 small projects lined up once I finish this Army blanket. The first one I have already started it is the hooded shawl for my niece and the other one is a cat pillow, which will be fun making all the cats.

3/8/23 halfway done on the army blanket The army blanket is now 50% done. It is slowly getting finished I am trying to have it completely done by the end of this month. This is turing out to be a really tall blanket I am running out of space in my living room to lay it out flat lol. It is coming out really good it will be a nice and thick blanket when it gets done. If I can get it done crocheted by the first I am going try and get the backing on before the 5th of April so I can get it sent out in time.

3/4/23 update on the army blanket I have switched focus and started working on the army blanket the last few days. I am now up to 44% on it and have finished the width on one side , so now I just have to build up the height. I measured the bottom widht where the width is completed and it is 5 feet and 8.5 inches wide. I have about 25 rows til I hit the correct height on the left side and once that done all that will be left is to start decreasing. I am almost done with the wording U.S Army, there is ony a little bit left to do with the Y and the words will complete.

2/27/23 Update on the Fantasy Hooded shawl Been working on this Hooded shawl and it is slowly coming along. I am several hours in and it is taking along time since there are so many stitches doing it the way the pattern calls for. I am going to continue to work on it not sure how long it will take me to get it done but as of right now its only 1 stitch over and over so I am just watching tv while working on it and its going by.

My next project I am going to start is a cat pillow for a friend. The pattern that I am following for that is from Pony Tate.It is a cute little pattern from Pony. The cat that you make to go on top of the granny squares is very quick and easy to make. The cats are only on one side of the pillow and then the other side is just a normal sc all the way.

2/25/23 Box of yarn for shawl Starting a new project is always fun. My niece asked me about making her this hooded shawl she saw as I was scrolling through my crochet stuff one day. The yarn just came in to do it she picked this pretty bluish greenish color called Peacock from Red Heart Comfort. The pattern I am using is from Etsy called Fantasy Hooded Shawl. It looks like a easy pattern to do and she is super excited about it so hopefully it will turn out like it is supposed to. As of right now I am only going to try and work on this shawl and the army blanket since I need to get both done lol. This yarn to be honest is not my favorite yarn to work with but it is what the pattern recommended to use and was also the cheapest option so it is what we are going with. Hopefully I can at least get the first row done today since it is over 500 stitches to start since you do the scarf part lengthwise.

2/22/23 picture of an updated Army blanket I have been working on the army blanket mainly the last few days been making sure to do at least 2 rows a day on it. It is coming out really good this yarn is not bad not my preferred softness that I like dealing with but it is not bad. I have gotten the blanket to 39% at the moment if I get 2 more rows done it will be at 40%, which will be good. I am hoping Uncle Bob will like it and Aunt Wanda will like her giraffe blanket as well. I am going to give them their blankets together at once hopefully they will not be able to tell the difference between the blankets lol. I can definitely tell a difference between the yarn but it is what it is lol. I still have to add the backing to her blanket but I will just do it at the same time once I get the army blanket done.

2/17/23 picture of an updated Winnie the Pooh Finished Winnie the Pooh I just have to do the red shirt that goes on to him. I have started working on the army blanket and only have that project going on since I have to work on it. They keep asking about it and I keep putting it off just because of this yarn lol I get so frustrated with it. The only yarn that I could get close to this army green is I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby. It is ok to work with except for the fact that I pull from the middle of the yarn which is normal, these yarns don't like that and get knotted so often doing it that way to the point where I have to stop and untangle the yarn every so often it is aggravating. I have thought about before even starting a new project with this yarn that I will wind up the skeins into balls with my ball winder and that will make it go smoother I hope. Otherwise I am not sure I will keep getting this yarn for future projects. When I pull from my normal yarn which is Caron Simply Soft I have no issues when I pull from the middle of the skein and it goes smoothly. I only need a few more rows before I hit 40%. I am hoping to get to 60% before the next church event in April it will slowly be getting done but I will start to work on it more and more each day instead of putting it off like I want to lol. My goal is to at least finish 2 rows on this blanket every day from here on out which will be a pain but lol I need to get it done. I might have to go and get more yarn for this too since I am not sure I bought enough looking at how much I have left so we will see when I get to that point.

2/14/23 Updated picture of Winnie the Pooh Got close to finishing the head today however I am not at my house so I can not finish any more since I need to put more stuffing in the head before I finish closing up the head. I did get the ears attached today though and I am not sure how I like how they look.After I finish stuffing the head it will be done pretty quickly, and then all I will have left to do is the red shirt and that will be all that is left. I do not think I have enough stuffing so I am going to have to get more polyfill before I will be able to finish Winnie the Pooh.Until I get more polyfill I might just start on the red shirt and get that finished before I finish the head lol. The shirt directions don't seem to be that hard except that you do it around the body of the bear you don't make it and then put it on the bear so that could be interesting lol.

2/13/23 Well it has been awhile since I have updated lol but I have been fixated on playing Hogwarts Legacy since it came out on the 7th of this month. I am taking a break from the game for the next 2 days to work on this Winnie the Pooh bear for Aunt Wanda. So far the pattern has been easy until I get to certain parts and then I have had to read it a couple times and hope I understand the pattern to how its supposed to be lol. But I think I have done good so far especially since I have to do more patterns from this person to get the whole Winnie the Pooh collection. I haven't decided which character I am going to do next since I do not have any colors that will match for any of the characters.

2/4/23 picture of Army blanket Tonight well last night through this morning since it was one of the scrapbook events at the church. I finished that shirt I started yesterday. I like it the fit turned out nice and a little flowy at the bottom which is good. I have been working on the army blanket ever since. So far it is now at 32% complete and slowly growing lol. This yarn I am using it for this blanket is not that bad to work with. I am hoping to get that to at least 35% the event doesn't end til 6pm tonight so we will see if it can get done. All nighter and my shoulder is killing me which is why I am taking a break to update this lol. Afterwards though I am heading to the parents house to use their hot tub so that will be nice and help make it the soreness go away. Well it is about 2:30pm and I have gotten up to 34% and that is all I am able to do with. After this event finishes I will make a C2C tutorial video so I can have more tutorials available.

2/2/23 Picture of the shirt being made Well that shirt I was working on with the Madeline Tosh yarn. I do not see how people like this crappy yarn. It goes from being nice and thin to suddenly having a very thick section it is so unreal its not even even throughout. I ended up frogging it all out and not using it for this. It has become one of my yarns that have become I do not want to work with again which is good since it was pretty expensive. I had tried to multiple shirt patterns and even with a tank top and because the yarn is so uneven it just would not look right since it would be thicker in several places. I gave up but decided it might be better to use it with a shawl maybe so I might try to make this one shawl from JolieKnots Crochet with it, and make a shirt using the caron simply soft yarn that is super soft and is always even. The pattern I am following is from Crafty Yarn Owl with Darla from Youtube. The pattern I am following is called the Easy One Piece Crochet Top Worked in Round.So far the pattern is easy to follow and is working up decently so far. I know I have so many w.i.p's but oh well lol.

1/30/23 Winnie the Pooh Today I actually managed to work on Winnie the Pooh. I got the arms and body done and started on the head, but had to stop since it was hurting my arm and shoulder from working on that one since it got tall lol. So far it is about 10.5 inches tall so we will see if it will be the 18" tall once it is completed or like normal me crocheting will make it bigger lol. Hopefully since I got most of the extras already done like the arms and legs the rest of the pattern from here on out will be smooth sailing. I think I might actually have enough of this yellow yarn I just started another skein of it and i have a whole other skein of it so i am hoping that will be enough. Not sure if I have to do the red shirt separately than try and put it on top of the bear or start doing it around the bear to begin with that will be interesting lol. I haven't gone through the rest of the pattern so not sure how it works yet since I am trying not to get ahold of myself so I don't get too overwhelmed.

1/29/23 Granny Square blanket Well I have screwed up .... I did about 15 squares that are 6.5" all around. But then before I realized I made about 3 more squares but I picked up my smaller hook not even thinking about it and now I have 3 squares that are 6" squares instead of the 6.5". So I am having help doing the math hopefully I will be able to just make enough square that are 6" squares to equal one row of 6.5" squares , if not then it was a waste of yarn and time since I need 6.5" squares for this project. The light neutral color are the 6" squares that I messed up and used my 3.25mm crochet hook instead of using my size 4mm hook which I used for the darker brown color. I am hoping I can make it work and that will break up these big squares with a row of smaller squares and if so then I might make 3" squares and add some of them for a row as well, but not sure it all depends on how much more of this type of yarn left. I did do a math if I made a queen size blanket then I would need 225 squares I do not think I have that much yarn of this red heart super saver so we will just have to see. Although I do get alot of this yarn from my aunt and uncle so I probably will be getting more of it from them sometime soon lol. So the math came in and I might be able to save these squares lol. So a row of 15 of my 6.5" squares I will need 16 of the 6" squares and then I will need to make a small 1.5" square at the end or in the middle which if I do the same square but only do the 1st row of them then they will be the 1.5' that I need and I would need about 4 or 5 of those 1.5" squares that should make it even YAY! lol .

1/28/23 update on Granny squares Well got bored again so I started a whole new project lol. This one is just going to be a bunch of granny squares to make a blanket. I am just using all the red heart super saver crappy yarn that I hate so that it will be used and out of my stash lol. For these granny squares I am using a pattern I found in a youtube video but as of right now I can not find it for the life of me, since I got the hang of this pattern it is just a simple repeat so it is easy to do . It is another mindless pattern but a little different. It is a good project for when I can't sleep lol. It is going to be a multitude of colors since I am just using whatever red heart yarn that I have on hand. It is a little different than the other granny square blanket since that is just one continous pattern. This is a little different with puff stitches in the corner and then just dc (double crochet) on the sides. Each square is about 6.5" x 6.5" so I am probably going to need about 100 or so granny squares maybe more not sure.

1/25/3 granny square updated This granny square blanket is working up very quick I just started my third and fourth color and the skein of yarn is getting through pretty quickly I will have to decide on the next color pretty soon lol. It is looking good I am thinking it will be a good blanket once it is finished. I probably will make it a queen size if I have enough yarn to make it that big if not it will be just a full size blanket. I now have four colors on it and about to start the next color soon. I really like the white in the center of it all I think it makes it look pretty good amongst the other colors. Although I will probably add more white in future rounds since I do have alot of it lol. This will probably be my go to pattern when I need a mindless project lol.

1/24/23 Granny square blanket Well I didn't work on much today cause its what it was lol. I did start a whole new project lol. I am just going to make a continuous granny blanket and just switch colors when I run out lol. It will be just another side project when I get bored for working on something else. I am using my caron simply soft yarn since I still have so much of that yarn figured this way it can all get used . Some of my colors I have are not even a full ball left since they are left overs from other projects so this is like a scrap project lol. It will use all of my leftovers and just be very colorful lol. This pattern I am going with it is just your basic granny square and its so mindless I can do it no matter what lol. It is one of those patterns that do not take alot of brain power and sometimes those are the best for me lol.

1/22/23 Update on Pooh bear UPDATE: ...... Thankfully it has worked out and is looking really good so far. I am hoping it continues to work out. The legs ended up getting worked into the body to make them more secure I guess but it looks good probably not the tightest it should be around the decreases, but it still looks good I think. I am getting close to the part where I start working on his red shirt so that could be fun. I am hoping I have enough red to use for the shirt if not i am not sure if I will buy a thing of red or use a different color . However since I am giving this one away I probably should do it all one color even if it means getting a new skein of yarn since that would look jacked up if I did the shirt multiple colors. I am hoping the rest of the limbs are easier to attach then the legs were and the directions are easier to follow.

1/22/23 Update on Winnie Pooh bear Well I am trying to follow the pattern but I got a little turned around I think. I attached the legs like I think it said to do and I am hoping that it will work itself out in the next few rows or at least look decent since I did get a little confused with the directions at one point. It was a very easy to pattern to follow up until this point I think. It started to get a little more complicated when it had you attaching the legs to the body when the body was not even finished yet which I had never done before. Normally you attach the legs to the body after you finish making the body so it was just a little different than I am used to. I am hoping within the next 2 rows that I will be back to where I need to be with the correct number of stitches since I think about 10 stitches short now which sucks but I will make it work somehow lol. If it has me attach the arms this way too then I will probably be screwed at that point too but that will be a whole other thing hopefully it will be easier to do. I am hoping to work more on the body part of it tonight after I get back from my sister's but we will see it might just wait til tomorrow.

Update on Winnie Pooh bear 1/21/23 I finished the second leg for Winnie the Pooh. I have started working on the body part of him but it is looking weird but I am making sure I am counting properly and all my stitches are lining up like they are supposed to so hopefully it will turn out like it is supposed to be when I get further along. Thankfully my tension is staying stable and even so far which is a plus since sometimes I sometimes get loose or so tight you can't work the stitches. I am hoping I have enough of the same yellow color to finish I think all I have left to finish is the body and the shirt to go on him, but the shirt is red.In the pic the weird looking funny thing is the start of the body I am hoping it starts to look like a body in a few more rows since right now it looks so weird right now. After I finish this ami I probably should work on the army blanket since that needs to be worked on and I am slacking on it lol. I am getting better with making the amigurumi's though and they are super fun and quick to make.

Update on winnie the Pooh body parts 1/19/23 Today I got some work done on the Winnie the Pooh. So far I have the ears the arms and one leg done so far. It is an easy pattern to follow thankfully . I am hoping I have enough of the yellow to finish, since this is starting to look like it will be bigger than the pattern says lol. The pattern I got from Etsy from SoEasyPDF.It was a bundle that had Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger. I am looking at patterns to find the Rabbit, Roo and Kanga since they are Winnie the Pooh characters as well. Etsy has a ton of cool and fun ami patterns that I have made a list to save the patterns that I found lol. I am hoping the Winnie the Pooh turns out better than the horse I made for Kona which took me a few times to make. It is a progress though since I am still learning how to do these so the more I do the better I should get which is good since I like doing them now lol.

Update on Pooh bear 1/18/23 Started making Winnie the Pooh since I am being lazy and not wanting to work on the army blanket lol. But my aunt and uncle called last night and I told them what I was making and now she wants me to to make her ALL of the Winnie the Pooh characters and she will pay me. So once I finish Winnie the Pooh I am thinking I might start on Eeyore next but we will have to wait and see for that. I have to get through this one first and hope I have enough yellow yarn to finish him lol. I am just using Caron simply soft since it’s my most used yarn so I tend to have it in stock in my stash allot lol. I am excited to make the characters since I was going to make them on my own anyway just so I could practice making amigurumis, since it took me two tries to get Kona’s horse to wear it’s decent even then I almost didn’t send it to her lol. 

Granny square 1/17/23 Today I did not want to work on the army blanket although I have gotten up to 26% done on it. I will have an all nighter on the army blanket in February lol. I wanted to work on something else So i started looking up granny squares. Here are two that I have done today. I am looking at doing a friends blanket but it is done in granny squares so I have been trying to figure out if I want to do the granny square from the pattern or if I want to do another granny square to go with the colors from Friends. I also have started to start work on making Pooh bear. I got a pattern on Etsy that had Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet and Tigger. So I am slowly going to make all the characters. Pooh is supposed to be 18" tall when complete so we will see lol. I am just starting the ears for Pooh and so far so good I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn for Pooh in yellow even though the color is called for gold but oh well yellow is close enough lol since it is what I have in my stash. Got the 2 ears for Pooh done but I might have to stop for the night since my pain level is rising.
Update Pooh ears

Update on Army 1/13/23 Well I had planned on working all day on the army blanket..... however I am waiting again on the maintenance people to come by so I need a small project where I can easily and quickly get up and not have to spend 5 min trying to move the stuff off my lap and what not so I decided to make some puff squares to go on the puff blanket since that is one of my still many w.i.p.s. hopefully once they come if they ever do then I will switch over to the army blanket if not I will work on it tomorrow.

I also have been thinking about making more tutorial videos as well so that might happen in the next few days. I am thinking my next one will be how to do c2c. I love working blankets in the c2c form it just makes it easier for me to follow along I think. Finally actually worked on the army blanket it’s looking really good. It is actually looking better than all my other blankets so far I think lol. I am up to 20 % done so far on it. This new yarn I had to use is a little tougher on your hands then I normally like to work with but that could just be me but it was the only brand that had the right color green for this project

blessed pillow 1/12/23 Finished the hooded scarf earlier today but couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to work on the army blanket lol. So I got a few rows done on this blessed pillow. It is slowly coming along hoping to have it at least one side done by the end of April but we will see how it goes. It is coming out really good I might need to block it once it is done but I am hoping it will actually fit a pillow lol. I was a little hesitant to use these colors but I am beginning to think they actually look really good together. I need to get this pillow done lol but I have so many side projects going but that is good for me but harder to get things done lol. I will eventually will be able to get it done maybe not before April maybe lol but hopefully soon.

1/11/23 Well today I have been kind of distracting myself so I don't work on the army blanket since I kind of do not want to work on it lol. So I was looking on a couple of crochet sites and it seems like everyone is doing temperature blankets of some form. So I looked and looked if I did just a normal temp blanket I am pretty sure I will get bored and lose interest pretty damn quickly. So I was looking at one of the groups I am in which is Supernatural tv show and figured out what and how I am going to do this blanket lol. I haven't started yet since I am still thinking about it. It will use up alot of the yarn I have now which is a good thing however IT will use up ALL the yarn I have left .... So I am debating it because I want to use all my yarn but then if I use all my yarn I won't have any left lol.

What I came up with is to make it a monster blanket. All the colors will represent a monster in the Supernatural TV show and then who killed that monster. Instead of doing normal stitches like a lot of people use for these kind of blankets like sc, dc, or what have you. I am going to do a granny square. The inside circle is going to be the monster. For example on this episode they are chasing down a vampire. I picked red for vampires so the inside will be red. The outer color will be who killed the monster. So if Dean killed the monster I will do yellow. But for now I guess I have stalled long enough since it is already time for lunch so I need to work on this damn army blanket so I can get it out of my way.

Update Hooded scarf 1/9/23 I was at my parents house since I had to take my car to the shop so I didn't want to bring the big army blanket to work on so i brought the scarf project. I think it is looking really nice I had finished all the scarf part and I am about to start the hood part which is the part I am most excited about lol. I am starting to think that it might be a little short since we are going to make the ribbing part fold up for the pockets but we will just have to wait and see. It might turn out to be perfect length so I don't know.

1/6/23 Well I now have a lot of small projects going on which makes it hard to figure out what I want to work on for the day lol and I am thinking about starting over on the shirt I was working on and instead using it to make a completely different shirt that I found from a workbasket magazine but I am not totally sure yet since I do not think I would have enough of that yarn to do it in a single color so I am putting the shirt on hold right now until I decide lol. But I did start a new scarf last night so that could be fun. It is a hooded scarf since those look interesting. The pattern I am using is called Woodland Hooded Scarf from Winding Road Crochet. She has it in written form like a normal pattern or as a youtube video so I am going by the youtube video since that is what is easier for me to follow.

1/4/23 Today my hands were hurting so I couldn’t work on anything big so I looked through my grandmas magazines. I don’t have any plants but was just looking for small projects that I could do and I came across this mini planter. The pattern was easy to follow I found the pattern in a workbasket magazine from April 1980.

Elephant New project I started out of another workbasket magazine. This is supposed to be an elephant once it is complete so we will see lol. I’m just using some Caron simply soft yarn in white since I don’t have any grey at the moment. This pattern is from the February 1980 workbasket magazine. They have some really cool patterns in these books. They have knitting and crochet patterns in each magazine.My grandpa gave me all of her workbasket magazines when she died because he knew I would use them. They have some cool patterns that you do not see much anymore. I enjoy using things that I have been given no matter what the circumstance I will find a way to use it.

Shirt update 01/02/23 Went to Tulsa with my mom and my gpa and I found this yarn store called Knit Stars. So I had them drop me off so I could look around lol. It is a nice little store the people there were so friendly and very helpful. I am glad I had some spare money I had saving. I found some madeleine tosh yarn that I have been wanting to try for a long time and it was 50% off so …. I made the jump and got 5 skeins. 3 skeins of this pretty greenish color - Grand Lake and then 2 skeins of this kind of cream color - Landsmobile. It’s their tweed yarn since that was all they had in mad tosh yarn. So I have decided to make something for me so I found a shirt pattern that I will have just enough yarn for it. After I bought the yarn they even offered to wind the hank into balls for me for free which was AMAZING lol. I hate winding the yarn myself, it can be such a hassle lol.

The pattern I am using for the shirt is a simple one from Crochet Crowd.It is mostly just using a double crochet all the way up. I am doing my colors a little different with just a few rows of the cream color at the bottom and then the rest of it being the green color. I am hoping to have enough green , if not it might be put on hold not sure if I will use the rest of the cream to finish it or not. So hopefully the green color will not run out.

12/19/22 So I have been working on this pillow for my sister. I think the colors are actually looking good. I was a little concerned that they wouldn't be too much of a contrast against each other but I actually like it. Worked on it a little bit but hands are killing me a little more right now . I am trying to work on it as much as I can since I will need to start the army blanket soon.

I think I need to find something else to do besides crocheting. I love to crochet but I already lost my knitting which hurt, since that was my first love. But it just makes my hands hurt too much. Crocheting also helps as a distraction for the pain that I am in with the arthritis and the fibro but I never want to quit as long as i can stand it for at least 5 min a day.

12/17/22 Well I now have all the Christmas presents done so I am starting on a birthday present that is due around April. I have a few months thankfully. If it comes out the way it is supposed to it will be a pillow. I was sick for a few days so haven't been able to work on it but I am finally feeling better so I am going to start working on it in between working on the Army blanket for my uncle.

12/5/22 Finished the 2nd horse amigurumi. The first one I did not like at all it was just too loose. The second one I made was much better I used a thicker yarn and smaller hook and it turned out good. I am hoping Kona will like it since shes into horses right now.

I am now onto another big project I am starting to work on this army blanket for my uncle. I am making it with a new yarn I have not used before but I like how it is coming out so far. I am using I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby in the colors: Dark Olive, white, yellow. I am doing it in corner 2 corner like I do for most blankets.

pic of Horse head 11/22/22 Today I worked on the horse amigurumi that I am trying to make for my littlest niece for Christmas. Christmas is coming up quick so I do not have much time to get it done. I have the head done I even put ami eyes on it so it has actual eyes since my ami eye kit has came in lol. Although I think I got the eyes on a little crooked but ehh I am still trying to learn how to do these things so it can't all be perfect unfortunately. I still think it looks ok the way it is so we will see not sure if Kona will really care since shes 2 lol. I have started on the horse's legs they are working up quick so that shouldn't take long to get those finished.

Update on Pikachu 11/21/22 So today I figured to go ahead and use up all the yellow yarn i had and I got far lol. I got the body made and both ears done. I even got the front legs done and one back leg done before my yellow ran out. It was just enough yarn to finish the back leg and have enough to sew together. All that is left to make is the other back leg and then the tail. After that all i have to do is sew it all together and it will be a big large Pikachu lol. But its gonna be awhile since that yarn as of now is $12 for one ball of yarn.

11/9/22 So now that the giraffe blanket is finished. I bought the fabric for the backing so I just need to sew that on and then it will be completely ready to be sent off. I am now starting on the army blanket I need to do for my uncle. The army blanket will be come by main project but I am really liking making these amigurumi. I am in the process of making a horse for my niece, since she is into horses and farm animals at the moment. I am hoping to get it done in time for Christmas but we will have to see since it has a lot more parts to it then the other bears I have done so far. I found the pattern from StringyDingDing. So far it has been a pretty easy to follow which is always a plus for me. Her site actually has a turkey that I am thinking about doing for Thanksgiving but I don't have all the colors so it wont get done in time for this Thanksgiving but maybe next year.

11/6/22 I finally finished the giraffe blanket hooray lol. I can work on other things for the moment until I get fabric for the backing of the giraffe blanket and yarn to work on an army blanket for my uncle. Now I am currently working on a horse ami for my niece Kona. So far I almost have the head part done it seems like it is a little different from the previous ones that I have done on how it connects things so we will have to see. The pattern is a really cute pattern though so I am excited to work on it. I think after this ami though I am going to do some more patterns from my grandma's workbasket magazines.

Original sewing kit 11/2/22 Instead of crocheting today I went to my aunt's house and she helped me restore my grandma's sewing kit. I was given my grandma's sewing kit when she died and my thought was if I could fix it then it would become my daily sewing kit compared to my current one. The picture on the right is the original. The top part was made of silk and was so dirty and worn out we had to replace it. The only silk my aunt had was pink silk so we redid it all in pink. I wanted to fix it up and repair the inside so I could use this and when I did I could think of grandma when I used it. I have so many great memories of her and now that I can use this it will remind me of her every single time.

New sewing kit And here is what we restored it to. We did the top part a little differently than the original and added a pocket to it. We ended up having to fix the bottom since everything had gotten stuck in the sides and was in the bottom of it. So after we cleaned it out and got all the extra needles and pins that were stuck in there we did the bottom with the pink silk as well and added a silver ribbon. Not sure if the ribbon is easy to see in that picture but I think it looks good and once it has dried since we ended up using a lot of the e6000 stuff. Our hands were so sticky with the glue afterwards lol. The tray that is sitting inside is the original tray after I had cleaned it up with water and paper towels.

Skirt for the dress 11/1/22 I finished the bodice for this dress. The armholes were easy to make in this part. I am starting the skirt part and that is where the chevron part starts. So far the pattern has been super easy to follow. It is working up quick as well. I have made quite a bit of progress on this today , I have started on the skirt part. The colors are looking good I am using marne gris which is a grey marble color and this light pink color called rose. Instead of doing 3 rows of the color chevron like I did on the chevron baby blanket I am following this pattern exactly and its only 2 rows of the same color before changing.

Bodice of the dress 10/31/22 So today I just got a few rounds done on the Chevron dress. I am making it a 2t size which I did not realize until it is too late that I needed to go up to a 4t size for the person who I thought about making it for, but its ok i am not going to restart it , just going to continue on lol. I did not get alot done on it just because I started doing stuff around the house that needed to get done and was driving me crazy but now that it is done I can hopefully get more work done on it tomorrow.

Mase with the bear It is so nice to see when some one gets your product and there reaction is just so amazing lol. It brings warmth to my heart. Even though it was just from my 2 yr old nephew it still makes me feel good to see that they like whatever I make. It makes me feel special that what I make is being used but also being loved on . I hope everything that I make and give to people have that same reaction. That what brings me joy to make will turn around and bring them joy from receiving the item. There is just no words to describe my feelings and how much it just no other words.

Start of Chevron Dress 10/30/22 Today I did not work on anything I said I was going to lol. Instead I started a whole new project lol because you can never have enough lol. This time I started crocheting a baby dress. It is a baby chevron dress it looks fairly simple so i figured it would be a nice and easy dress pattern to begin with. The dress starts from the top down and works down to the flow of the dress which I like so it is almost seamless. The pattern is a free pattern called Child's Chevron Dress from Yarnspirations. The pattern says to use Red Heart Super Saver yarn but I am not a fan of that yarn so i looked into my stash and found this much softer yarn. It is from Bernat Softee Baby and right now I am using it in the color Marne Gris. I am not sure what colors I am going to do the chevron stripes yet so we will see when I get to that point.

10/28/22 Today I am going to try to work on the next part of the Pikachu I do not have as much yarn as I need so but I am getting intrigued by how big it might be working up lol. But It is going to have to wait awhile since I have errands to run today. I did not start the body of the Pikachu like planned since I ended up digging through and going through some of my old and dug one one and started working on it lol. It is with some yarn I had not worked before and its becoming a shoulder bag. I think it will be nice once I finish getting it worked up.

ProgressRipple 10/27/22 I am liking this chevron pattern. I have deviated just a little from the pattern lol i got bored too easy with the pattern so I only switched it up a little bit . You are supposed to only work through the back loop and i only do that on the blue color. On the yellow color I just continued doing it through both loops of the v like normal, not enough of a big change but it makes it a little easier since it is not just the same thing over and over and over since I will get bored but it is enough of a change to keep my mind a little more occupied to it because then I have to make sure I am doing it the right way on the right color lol. I think I also should have added another set of chevron to the width to make it just a little bit wider since I am not quite sure it will be wide enough even for a baby lol.

UPDATED...... I finished the chevron blanket. It did turn out a little smaller than expected because I didn't add enough chains for maybe 2 more ripples would have made it wider but egg oh well. It turned out to be a small crib size blanket which could be nice for someone. I do not know I just put it in the space saver bag that has all my finished projects that I have done that I do not know what to do with lol. Also I do not think I mentioned who I got the pattern from earlier. I got the pattern from The Crochet Crowd.

Beginning of Ripple Blanket 10/26/22 Well so i started a whole new project lol since I knew I would run out of yarn for the pikachu amigurumi. So i started a baby chevron blanket using Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in the colors of Buttercup and Clear Skies Blue. It is soft and easy to work with so that is nice. This pattern seems simple once you learn the steps for it . It looks alot harder than it actually is that is why I did not think I would be able to do it. For this pattern I am doing 3 rows of blue followed by 3 rows of yellow , hopefully they will be looking good together like I had planned lol. I have so many works in progress projects it is crazy lol but at times it helps to have so many since if I am having trouble staying on this project or if I get bored with this project I have more to choose from and just go to a different project and it is nice lol. I did get to the part where I am starting my second set of blue rows and I think the colors are looking pretty together so it is working out yay lol.

Pikachu starting 10/25/22 Well couldn't sleep last night so started looking up amigurumi patterns and well i found one lol. So around midnight last night I started Pikachu. Pikachu pattern I am using is from Aradiya Toys. The only thing I am changing is instead of using regular yarn for it I am using Bernat Blanket yarn since it is the only color I have in yellow lol. SO it might be a bit bigger than its supposed to be but thats ok lol. You can find the pattern I am following by going to Ravelry. Ravelry is always a good place to find patterns they have such a good inventory some are free some you have to pay for. This one is a free pattern from Aradiya Toys. She also has a etsy shop that has cute ami's in it. Her pattern so far is easy to follow so thats a plus. Also the pattern also has a lot of helpful hints at least on this Pikachu pattern. This is my first pattern from her but she has a lot of cool patterns on there. I did put safety eyes on my amazon list so i can have actual eyes for these things now so they will look a lot better on the finished product lol.

Pikachu head UPDATE: Just finished the head for this pikachu lol it is so big lol. The head is almost as big as my laptop as you can see lol. This yarn is making it so big its fun. I can not even imagine how big the body is going to be at this rate. I am definitely going to need a lot more of this yarn since I doubt I will have enough since I only have 1 ball of this yarn. She makes the pattern super easy to follow which is very helpful. I need more yarn lol. I might have to stop on this once I finish this ball of yarn since it is obviously going to take a lot more and until I do i am going to be at a stopping point which makes me sad lol. That just means I have to find another project to start lol I have no extra money to buy more yarn so that just means more w.i.p.s lol. It is good in a way since I like having multiple works in progress since it helps my add lol. I have plenty of projects to work on when I get bored with one project I have more projects to choose to work on for awhile lol.

Bear Progress 10/24/22 I am starting to work on the second leg of this bear. The pattern is so easy to follow im loving it. After the legs I think i start to do the arms. I really want to make another amigurumi after this but I do still have to finish the giraffe blanket for my aunt and I am only about 70% done with that. But that will get worked on at the craft event at the church since I have more space to work on that then. The picture is of the head and the ears and then the one leg I have completed. It is going by quick which is another reason I think I am loving make these little animals. They are quick and simple and easy so its nice and i don't get bored with it since they are small projects unlike these blankets that I get bored with lol. I don't mind doing blankets and for awhile that is all i did so its nice to have a change lol.

......Well I finished the bear lol worked on it all day today lol. However I have a problem of going to sew everything together it does not align up evenly so im going to have to keep making more to practice that but thats ok I like making them . The only question now is which one to make next lol i have so many ideas to choose from. I kind of wanting to make that big Snorlax but I do not have the right colors for that so not sure as of yet.

10/23/22 Didn't get a lot of stuff done on my bear today , but got a lot of coding down so that was helpful. I finished the head and the ears and I have one leg finished, so its a start lol. I am really thinking about getting that big life size dragon because turns out I really like making stuffed animals lol they just turn out so cute and they are easy to make , at least with the small amigurumi. I think it will be nice although I am doing the pattern a little differently. I am only using the one brown color which does tend to make it a lot easier lol. I like the sheep how it is written in the pattern with 2 different colors. However I am only using one because I am running low on yarn and not sure when I will be able to buy some more. I am trying to be very cautious of the yarn I have left and use it to the max. I will hopefully have a picture of what I have done so far with this animal in the next couple of days I keep forgetting to take a pic while I am working on it.

10/22/22 Well i think the amigurumi bug hit me lol. I finished that first what is supposed to be a polar bear, which I ended up giving to my 2 yr old nephew as a christmas present since I know he wont care if the ears are a little lopsided. I have started this a little bit bigger project it is called Lucy the Sheep by BHooked Crochet the pattern is up on her website. She has some pretty cool patterns for free or you can opt to buy the pattern which will not have any ads. For mine though i am only doing it in this one brown color and see if it will look like a bear lol. After this one the one i want to make seems a little daunting but enough of a challenge for me that I might have to find help from someone lol. It is this lifesize pattern for a dragon. The pattern is called Kiefer the Forest Dragon by OvertonFancies on Etsy. I really like the pattern but 13$ just for the pattern.... I am still looking to see if that is worth it or if i can find something similar a little cheaper.

fingerless gloves start 10/15/22 Well at the Ford dealership waiting for my oil change to be done. In the meantime working on my niece's fingerless gloves. She asked me to make her some since I had made her sister some last year. I am making them in this pretty blue color from Knit Picks that I had left over. It is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn. I love having the girls ask me to make stuff for them. It makes me feel special. For these gloves I ended up just doing a real simple pattern which I ended up making 3 pairs. The first pair would have been too small for the 12 yr old but it would maybe fit the 9yr old so those are going to the 9 yr old lol. The second attempt fit my adult hand thankfully the 3rd pair should fit the 12 yr old or at least I am hoping lol. If not I will look at a different pattern since all this pattern was singe crochet over and over . After the 3rd make I was getting quite bored with the pattern.

10/12/22 Well I have finished several projects I have been working on and some that I didn't even put on here lol . So much stuff happening that I finished the adult cardigan I made for myself. It looks really nice. I also made my first amigurumi. SO now I am working on these puff squares again lol. So far I have only made about 20 of them and I need allot more for that blanket.

Almost done with cardigan 09/30/22 I have been working hard to get my cardigan done. It has been the only single project I have been working on which is saying something since I always need to have a few going on at the same time. As of now it's all done including weaving in all the ends. The only thing left to do is the sleeves. It is a fairly easy pattern and is a simple repeat once you get the hang of it It will just fly by. I am hoping I will have enough grey to finish the sleeves thats why I am doing them both at the same time lol. Starting with one side doing all the decrease rows and then the other side all the decrease rows and then if I have enough I will continue with the grey if not I will have to finish them off with the black so we will see how it goes since I don't want to buy any more yarn lol.

Working on the cardigan 09/27/22 Well I finished the cardigan for Aleah and liked it so much I started making myself one lol. I am making mine out of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the colors : Coal and Dove Heather. It's normally not my prefer yarn to work with just because its 100% wool so it is a little scratchy but once finished it will be nice and warm. Even though I am making the adult size it is working up just as quickly as the kids size did that I had made for my niece. The adult version is called Pixie Dipped Cardigan it is still made by JolieKnots Crochet. If only I had some softer wool yarn I think this cardigan would be perfect but I normally wear a large but I think next time I will probably go up to the xl size for this pattern but I didn't check my gauge so that is probably my fault, but I hardly ever check my gauge though.

Aleah's cardigan 09/25/22 I have started a new project since all the Christmas presents are done and I am still working on the giraffe. Sorry aunt Wanda I am lacking on that blanket lol. But this is going to be maybe if i get it done in time for Christmas it will be her Christmas present along with that sticker book. It's called the Pixie Kids Cardigan by Jolie Knits Crochet. I had watched her video tutorial to watch it. It is coming along very good so far. I am almost already done with most of it. All that is left is the sleeves which I started on right before I attempted to get sleep. I am really liking this pattern which it came in adult size so I could make it for me lol.

start of Aleah cardigan 09/23/22 I am getting bored with blankets, so i started a cardigan for me, which i quickly ran out of yarn since I was just using what yarn. I have plenty of the same kind of yarn just not that exact color so i am thinking about just using different colors to get that finished but haven't decided yet. So had so i have started making this kids cardigan called Pixie kids cardigan from JolieKnots Crochet that I had found online from a youtube video. I really like the pattern and so far its real easy and working up quick so far.

Updare onf giraffe blanket 09/22/22 Got some work done on the giraffe blanket that I am still working on for Aunt Wanda. I am now at 66 percent done with it. It is slowly coming along. I have also finished the christmas presents I have been working on. I made some Christmas ornaments and a set of 6 coasters. Along with those I made 1 hanging Christmas tree thing from my grandma's old workbasket magazines from the year of 85. I will post the pictures of the ornaments and all the stuff I made for Christmas presents on the finished projects page. The coasters I made are from Toni Lipsey, they are her sunrise coasters. They were very fun and quick to make using Lily Sugar N Cream which is a nice cotton yarn. The other Christmas ornaments I made I just used one of my favorite yarns which is Caron Simply Soft.

Granny shawl 9/4/22 Well I finished the granny shawl. I think it turned out really good. It was a very quick and easy project which is why I think i liked to work on it more than other projects that I have going. The pattern was very simple all you needed to know was a double crochet. Not sure who this will be given to it might just go in my pile of finished projects lol. The colors in this are really bright for me or else I would keep it for myself. Now I am going to start working back on this giraffe blanket and trying to get it completed.

Update on granny shawl 8/25/22 So my adhd got to me and started another project lol. I have so many that its ridiculous. This time it is a granny square shawl. I got the pattern from, she has a lot of left handed video tutorials that are very helpful. I am using Caron Baby Cakes for the yarn in the color Primary for this. It has a really cool effect so far it gradually changes colors. Not sure of yet who I am giving this to once it is completed but it definitely works for anyone. The pattern is really simple it is just 3 rows and then once you get to the 3rd row it just repeats itself, so its easy to do other things while making this pattern.

8/16/22 Today I started to work on the piano notes project that I am making for someone for Christmas. I ran out of the black yarn today so I am going to have to wait to get some more. In the meantime I am going to start working on the Joy pillowcase. The Joy pillowcase is another project I am hoping to get done in enough time for a Christmas present. It will be a tight schedule to get a few things done before then but I am going to do my best so we will see.

Music note pillow 8/11/22 Well I started working on a small gift for someone for Christmas. It is coming out a little bigger than what I was thinking but i will make it work. Then next time i make it I can adjust to make it smaller, by using a smaller crochet hook. Right now I am using a 5mm hook. I was making a pillowcase for my mom, she's a piano teacher so I found a small design with music notes on it. I am doing the background in a purple since that is her favorite color. I am using mini C2C to do this with and its working up quite nicely.

Puff blanket 08-1-22 A few small projects that I have lined up are for Christmas presents. Also a side blanket I am taking my time on is a puff blanket. The puff blanket is just made up of all these squares that at the end you just fill them up with a bit of stuffing and then sew them together to make one big blanket. It looked pretty interesting and is letting me simply bring a small project on the go when I need it to be. I am taking a break from most colors for this blanket and doing it all in neutral colors, I am hoping it will turn out great. I just started making some puff squares in a greyish color. I am thinking I am only going to make it a twin size, that is the plan at least lol. The patter for these little puffs is real simple as well only using hdc (half double crochet).

Update giraffe blanket 7-26-22 Now I am starting to finish working on the Giraffe blanket for my aunt. As of right now I am about 51% done with it. This giraffe blanket is made using Caron Simply Soft yarn which is one of my yarns I use the most lol. For this blanket I am doing it up C2C. C2C has become one of my most favorite ways to do a blanket these days. It is a very easy way as long as you do not lose your place on the graph. I prefer C2C over just normal crochet. It is a much easier technique in my opinion. I will put an video tutorial up soon for it since my nieces are on me about making more videos lol. This blanket is mostly one color made for the giraffe, which makes it go by super quick. After this blanket is done I have another blanket project already lined up for someone. Although before I start another paid project I have a few small projects that I want to get done first.

Yosemite Sam 7/21/22 I finally finished putting the backing on the Yosemite Sam blanket. So now that blanket is completely finished and ready to give to my cousin. So now I am trying to work on the Giraffe blanket for my aunt and I have gotten 51% done. Yosemite Sam was fun to work on just because it was an old school character and I grew up on it so it was fun. For this blanket I also used Caron Simply Soft yarn for the whole blanket. Doing C2C for this blanket made it turn out a little big but its ok since my cousin is about the same age as me. Depending on who I am making the blanket for I tend to do a different version of C2C like mini C2C or another smaller variation just so that it is not quite that big. I like to take requests and able to make them things that they want when there is not a rush to get it down.

7/12/22 My current project is working on a simple puff blanket in neutral colors. It is a super simple pattern to make and it is small enough to take with me when i need to take a project with me on the go.